Crankshaft Balancing

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Product Overview

Properly balancing the crankshaft in any engine build is critical to maximizing performance and longevity.

The more RPM and horsepower you want to make the more critical this procedure is!

MAD crankshaft balancing process includes-

-Inspection/cleaning of crankshaft

-Weighing rotating assembly (must have your bob-weight ready or send in your rotating assembly for balancing)

-Dynamic crankshaft balancing on our state of the art CWT balancing machine utilizing a true three plane analysis within ISO standards.

-Remove or add weight (mallory)as necessary. If heavy metal is required customer will be responsible for heavy metal charges as well.

-Tig weld existing holes when required

-Tig weld reluctor wheel on for safety

-Balance specification sheet with every crankshaft we do

-Final cleaning and placed in a air tight bag 

Pricing starts at $300 and will change depending on application




(No reviews yet) Write a Review