LS9 Cylinder Head Program

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Product Overview

Send in your LS9 Cylinder Heads for the Modern Airflow Dynamics Treatment.

-Upon disassembly your cylinder heads will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any deficiencies.

-Superflow flow bench to document before and after porting flow numbers.

-Correct your valve guide clearance by installing bronze valve guides then diamond hone to proper specification

-Custom Multi-Angle Valve Job machined on our Rottler seat and guide machine

-Stock Titanium Intake Valves will go through a inspection process. Exhaust valves will be replaced with Ferrea SS Exhaust Valves 

-CNC porting with hand blending. Combustion chambers hand blended and volume(CC)matched.

-PCD Milling of the cylinder heads to achieve desired combustion chamber volume while ensuring flatness as well as achieving a proper RA finish on the deck surface for MLS gaskets.

-Assembly is where we have the final QC checkpoint. Every square inch of the cylinder heads is examined in our climate controlled clean assembly room while installing each piece of the valve train with care.

-After assembly is finished we place your cylinder heads in a Air Tight Bag to ensure cleanliness while they are being delivered to your door.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review