MAD GEN 3 Coyote Sleeved 1500HP Shortblock

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Product Overview

MAD GEN 3 Coyote 1500HP short-block package. Pair with our MAD Coyote cylinder heads for the ultimate combination

-New Ford GEN 3 Coyote engine block with Darton sleeves installed and stress relieved. 

-New Ford Performance Crankshaft (bryant billet crankshaft optional call for more details)

-Wiseco MAD Custom Pistons with upgraded thick wall wrist pins

-Total Seal Ring Pack

-Callies Ultra I-Beam Connecting Rods

-Clevite Main Bearings

-Clevite Rod Bearings

-ARP Main Studs

-Oil Squirter Block Offs


Here at Modern Airflow Dynamics we put the same care and attention to detail into every short block we build and machine. A blueprint sheet will be filled out with all of the engine block measurements and clearances as well as a balancing sheet with your specific crankshaft information on it.

-Inspection and cleaning of engine block checking for any deficiencies
-Deburring of entire engine block removing sharp edges as well as possible stress risers
-Inspection of connecting rods to include measuring large and small ends and ensuring consistent rod bolt stretch.
-Inspection of pistons to include weight matching (.5-gram race balance) and ensuring consistent wrist pin bore size by measuring bores and honing when necessary
-Inspection and measuring of wrist pins.
-Inspection/machining of crankshaft to include polishing of journals and chamfering of oil holes for improved oiling to bearings
-Balancing of crankshaft beyond ISO standards using a three-plane analysis on our state-of-the-art CWT Balancing Machine. Balancing to 1/8 oz-in tolerance is our standard.
-Line Honing of Main Housing using the ARP main studs
-True Parallel decking of block using BHJ tru block blueprinting fixture correcting improperly machined deck surfaces, commonly caused by factory machine tolerances and production line inaccuracies while setting proper deck height
-Torque plate honing of cylinders with our state of the art Sunnen diamond hone
-Verification of cylinder finish using a profilometer
-Clearancing of block for stroke as needed
- File Fit piston ring packs for each custom application
- Set proper bearing clearance for main and rod bearings
- In depth final cleaning of engine block ensuring no debris left behind from machining which happens to be the number one cause of bearing failure
-Professional assembly in our climate controlled clean assembly room


(No reviews yet) Write a Review